Thursday, April 19, 2012

a week away from 100

One week from today will be 100 days until I marry this guy!

I'm pretty excited!!

But until then, vacation week continues!!

While I'm not taking any vacations this week, I surely have stayed busy. Yesterday, for example, I managed to occupy my day doing the following:

gym-- elliptical 80 minutes---> realized it's much slower than during the day than after school!

laundry-- exciting I know, but doing loads during the week means less on the weekend! I know, profound thought there. Seriously though, when you have a runner and a triathlete living together you can just imagine the odor of our dirty laundry :( better to get it cleaner sooner!

shopping-- multiples stores visited for various purposes. #1- staples- I was sent a coupon for a memory card. Since we're going to Hawaii this summer (hello honeymoon!) we want more memory for my camera-- 16GB for $15? um yes, I'll take it!
#2- Michael's-- I needed to get some calligraphy/ colored pens to use on wedding invitations---> more on those later!
#3- Target-- This store has it all. I like to do a big grocery shopping trip once a week, but if we need a few small things (ie: I'm on a frosted flake kick and am running low on lactaid) it's good to pick them up there while doing other shopping for vitamins, allergy pills, etc. They also had easter candy for 70% off! BUT, nothing there I wanted, we actually still have our Easter candy sitting in the cabinet; we're not major candy eaters here. (Although the Power Bars the bunny brought us have long been gone!)

kitchen-- I am going out with some girlfriends tonight for dinner, so I wanted to make sure JAB had dinner leftovers that he could have tonight.

I sent him a text with this picture yesterday to show him the fruits of my labor:

Homemade chicken pie! (While I am a vegetarian, he still likes meat, so I like to make some special meaty dishes for him too!-- although he likes most of the vegetarian meals I make as well! )

I think it was a winner! I had sweet potatoes that I wanted to use, so I added them to the filling, which came out great!

And now he has leftovers for this evening too! Yes, the way to his heart is his stomach!

Today started off by sleeping in til 7:45! I don't know how I am going to wake up at 6 again next week, I like this later wake up call.

I worked on invitations while digesting breakfast.

The front porch is turning into invitation central.

Then I went out for a run. My goal was to just do an hour, but wound up a little over.

I was happy that I got it in, just in time to shower and head to my massage!!

Aren't my knee straps attractive?!

Now it's time to go do more invitation work before meeting up in MA with some of favorite girls tonight!

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