Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend has been fun, thanks to mother nature and some temperatures that have felt like summer!

Friday night started off amazingly-- my fiance surprised me with a 2 month early birthday gift, a new iPhone 4S!!! So Friday night was spent at the Providence Place Mall so I could pick it up! It's fun asking Siri to do things! :)

Yesterday morning I got up to get my long run done and was happy to see this on my garmin.
I wasn't watch my pace, just wanted to keep it comfortable... 7:40 is what it ended up being, I'll take it!

Needless to say I was pretty happy about the run!

Mother nature was good to us in RI too-- mid 60's in the early am in April? Yes please!

Then the day was turned over to date day with JAB! (He biked for 3 hours while I was running!)

As part of his late birthday gift I took him to Patriot's Place for the rest of the day and evening!

He loves his legos and Patriots!

I tried to show them boys a thing or two...

Finished the day out to dinner!

Sunday's happenings included-- 2 hour bike ride, church, trip to Lowe's (we have more house projects coming), and lots of time reading people's opinions about deferring for Boston!
Personally, I think that it's not fair-- you should have to qualify again for next year. A marathon is a marathon, you can't plan the weather, you just have to adjust your race to suit the weather. Plus it's not fair that charity runners have to run tomorrow--- isn't that kind of saying that they don't matter?!

Should be interesting--- plans are to head to Brookline tomorrow, two of my cousins live on Beacon St. on the course- how cool is that?!

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