Sunday, April 29, 2012

weekend update

Ah the end to another weekend, why do they come and go so quickly!?

No photos from this busy weekend, but here's what went down...

Friday evening- run- just under 8 miles, done. Early evening in, early wake up call the next day!

Saturday-- up by 7, in Worcester at 8:45-- Pre Cana day! Actually this was pretty good, I feel like JAB and I really could connect to one another. There were about a dozen couples from 3 parishes in Worcester who are getting married over the course of the next year. We had veteran married couples there to talk about different topics-- communication, starting a family, having children, finances, the actual ceremony itself, and other real issues that arise when two people begin lives together. Some people there weren't even catholic, but it was actually pretty cool, there wasn't religious beliefs being forced on any "non catholics" at all. We concluded the day with an evening mass and I got to do a reading. I love speaking in the microphone!

Post- Pre Cana-- went to visit Mom (Dad was out with Nan), chatted with her, JAB gave her some PT advice for a minor injury, then back to RI we came.

Evening consisted of watching Legally Blonde-- I think I need to perfect my "bend and snap!"... works like a charm!

Sunday am-- I slept in til 8, JAB was up and biking in the basement around 7. He had a 3 hour ride, followed by a 45 min run, so he wanted to get some of it done before I got up. Plus he requires less sleep than me, so he sometimes just lets me stay in bed a little while longer :)

I had a long run today. I procrastinated a bit and got some cleaning done first-- floors, bathrooms, and laundry, then around 10:30 I headed out the door. Today was one of those runs that things just felt right. I was comfortable, relaxed, not going for time, just enjoying the run. I didn't really look at my garmin too much, just a few check-ins and wound up finish 11.3 miles in just over 1:26-- around 7:39 pace. I'll take it!

When I got home JAB was in the yard, so I mowed the back yard, then we came in to stretch, shower, and eat.

Unfortunately the running store we went to after lunch didn't have the shoes I need, so I ordered them--- fingers crossed they're here soon so I can break them in soon and be ready for the half marathon on May 20th!

I pretty much wear out my shoes every 3 months... which translates to 4 sets of running shoes a year, at around $100 each--- so at a minimum it's $400 in running shoes yearly! Oh well, it's what I love and it keeps me healthy, so that's the price you pay!!

JAB had to help his parents install a window--- 2 hours later--- it was done.

I was really getting hungrrrrry over there, I think partially because I knew I was making homemade pizza tonight. After a long run I feel like I need something bigger for dinner, and this pizza hit the spot!!

Time to face reality again... work in the morning, but first "REALITY" tv-- the Amazing Race!

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