Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap and Double Digit Sunday

I don't want this blog to strictly be about running, but it is something I love! I am planning to run another half marathon in May, so I've been training for that. I'm not going to lie though, this year has been so crazy with relocating to a new state, a new job, and making a new life with JAB that training hasn't been the focus. I do however, need it to keep me sane and thought that training for a last half will be fun. I know that I will not pr-- 1:29 is tough to beat based on the training I am doing. However, I want to do this half for fun and to run a final race before getting married!

I had some knee issues training for marathons, I think partially due to higher mileage, so the plan for this half marathon is to run less, but smarter! I am training only with 3 days of running per week, which I know isn't a lot; however, I think it's best for my body. Here's the workout plan for the most part:

Monday- cross train elliptical (I've been doing 70- 80 minutes)
Tuesday- easy/ shorter run-- 6ish miles, this will change as the weeks go by
Wednesday- cross train elliptical (similar to Monday)
Thursday- run- focus on speed- I've been doing tempos/ speedwork (this is a struggle day!)
Friday- OFF. I haven't been one to take many days off in the past, but I think this is critical to staying injury free. I have had my fair share of injuries and would like to stop that cycle, so I am trying to force myself a day of rest and recovery.
Saturday- long bike ride-- I am trying to pay some visits to my bike again- I have a Specialized Road Bike and since I am marrying a triathlete, it's easy to get some motivation to ride when I have him to go with me!
Sunday- long run-- easier pace, but more miles--I've started to wear my Garmin again for this specifically, I know it sounds weird, but I think I only have one pace and on these days I really should not be running 7:30s and under, so I've tried to keep it just under 8 minute pace.
So there you have it... the tentative plan.

How did this week go?
Let's see!
Monday- elliptical 80 minutes (about 10.3 miles)
Tuesday- run- 50 minutes (6.6 miles)
Wednesday- elliptical 75 minutes (about 9.7 miles)
Thursday- tempo run-- ended up being 8.09 miles in 1:00:51, included w/ up and cool down--basically 7:30 pace
Friday- OFF! (went to RI home show with JAB)... we need a retaining wall for the backyard
Saturday- bike! 2 hours... about 29 miles
Sunday- long run-- 10.31 miles in 1:20

In addition I am stretching and foam rolling about 3 times a day. My hips have been very tight lately, so I am trying to loosen them up as much as possible! To help with my knees I ice them at night too.

So far, so good, I just need to keep myself in check... sometimes I am feeling great out there, but need to keep in mind the bigger picture and what I am training for:

In the past I have done other half marathons in the spring, but this one is in my new state and it seems like a smaller field. I can be competitive, so I thought a smaller town race would be good for me-- I really just want to enjoy the time on the course!

Hopefully the half in May is as fun as this race was in November-- Fuel Belt team ran the RI 6 hour relay, good times! :)

Now it's back to Sunday mode- house cleaning, rest, and getting ready for another week of work-- but no school Friday!!!

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