Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Half Size Error

Happy Thursday! Why happy? Because it's almost Friday!!!

Let's rewind to yesterday first.

Yesterday was Wednesday, yes I know my days of the week. Nothing too eventful yesterday, aside from me spilling my lunch on my lap and having to use a tide to go pen to try to clean up. Good thing I work with 5 and 6 year olds who don't really notice dirty pants.

After work it was a gym day. Although I wore my favorite shirt--
I was basically being hypocritical, because I did not run, I went on the elliptical for 80 minutes, still a good work out.

Last night was a survivor night and Kat was voted off. It was definitely ironic that she went on preaching about how great blindsides are and then got blindsided herself.

That brings us to today- Thursday!

Long meetings at work today, although productive, as I think we're heading in the direction. However, the weather still had me dragging. I was really hoping for an outdoor run today, but when the skies opened up again while driving home I figured it just wasn't in the cards... to the gym again I went!

Today I ran! I told myself I'd do 6 or 7, but then was in somewhat of a groove and feeling good, so I went to 7.75 in about 58 minutes. I cooled down with another quarter mile, just to get to eight for the day. A SWEATY EIGHT!!
Note to self-- Don't wear these earrings again when you're planning on running. They will bounce and hit your head and ears a lot and drive you crazy, even though you already are pretty crazy.

I was semi-pumped to be done the run and excited to go home, knowing my new running shoes would be waiting for me!!

Do you ever get really excited for something and then realize that what you see in front of you wasn't what you were expecting? Major bummer.

Ok, so I have a half marathon in 17 days and need new running shoes. I thought today would be the day that I would get these bad boys in my possession...
Well technically they are in my possession, but in the wrong size!!! I ordered a 7.5. The box says 7.5. The receipt says 7.5... but the sneakers say 7! GRRRRRR!!!! I really don't get angry about things, I mean in reality this was stupid. But it really ticked me off, so I threw the shoe on the floor. Yes, Julie that will solve the problem. I proceeded to sulk for 30 seconds while JAB tried to calm me down. Then I called dicks sporting goods online to fix the problem... *hopefully* the correct shoes will be sent out tomorrow, which means I should have them early next week? I am hoping that gives me enough time to break them in before May 20th. (I also hope my current shoes will get me through my long run this weekend!)

Although that little episode didn't make me super happy, I am happy to say that I put it behind me and had a nice dinner with the fiance. Now I get to be happy again and relax with him in a bit... and be happy because tomorrow is Friday, Friday, Friday! (cue Justin Bieber)... and with Friday means a day off from working out. I think my body is ready for that and the weekend!

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