Sunday, May 13, 2012

in one week

In one week I will have completed the half marathon! I have raced this event many times, but not in over a year, so I'm looking forward to it/ slightly nervous?

Let's hope I feel and look like this next Sunday! (This is me after my last long run for the training cycle-- 10.4 miles in 77 minutes :)

Aside from getting ready for next Sunday, the rest of the week didn't have too much excitement, but we definitely kept busy!

Workout wrap up:
Wednesday-- elliptical 80 minutes, core
Thursday-- run 8.3 mi, 62 minutes
Friday-- off!!
Saturday-- run 10.4 mi, 77 minutes
Sunday-- bike 2 hours

Other stuff going on in the RI

This weekend was gorgeous!!! Yesterday's run was somewhat cloudy, yet I still managed to get a little bit of sun. In the am we went to the airport-- future in-laws are on their way to Hawaii to celebrate their 40th anniversary! In the afternoon we went to visit my mom since we wouldn't see her on Mother's Day. After that was a meeting with the DJ, and then back to RI for homemade pizza!!! (becoming a weekly tradition I think, so delicious!) We finished the evening with a trip to Kohl's where we began our honeymoon shopping! (And saved $161?)

Today was another beautiful day with temps near 80!! I am still in shorts and love it! After riding with JAB this am we had a lot of household stuff to do-- cleaning, yard work-- I mowed the grass (some cross training?), and laundry. Another shopping trip followed, this time to Target, Home Depot and Ocean State Job Lot where we found a new rug for our living room for just under $40, score!!

This evening is the Survivor finale, so we have a couple hours to watch-- we'll probably DVR the after show and watch it tomorrow or Tuesday, so hopefully we don't have the winner spoiled for us if we don't find out tonight!

I've wanted Sabrina to win since the second episode, so my vote is with her, but I have to give props to Kim for truly playing the game well. We'll see who is the sole survivor!

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