Sunday, May 6, 2012

Long run conquered and recovery ride

Well I wrote an entire post while biking this morning and my computer deleted it, so this weekend is going to be done in bullet style.

Friday- school, grocery shopping, errands--- bought new running shoes since my others have yet to come in and wedding gifts for the little boys too, score!

Saturday-- Long run day!! 12.6 miles in 1:38. Big run for me, good for my confidence. Also happy I ran in new shoes, I don't think my old ones would have held up for this run.
-Meet with wedding coordinator-- things are looking good and feeling real!
-Picked up wedding shoes
- Homemade pizza,yum!!

Sunday-- 2 hour bike ride
- Early brunch with my future in-laws- took them to Julian's in Providence
- Drove the Half course in Pawtucket with JAB--- a lot of it will be run on the bike path, which looks peaceful
- House chores
- Dinner
- Work time
- Amazing Race season finale---> up next on the agenda!!!

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