Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick Tuesday with 1 good delivery

Today seemed to go by quickly, so here's a quick post of yesterday and today's happenings.

Monday-- I was in classrooms all day, both first grade and kindergarten.
Monday workout-- 80 minutes on the elliptical, core work, stretch.
Monday evening-- 1 hour 2 Broke Girls Finale.

Tuesday-- Another busy day at school-- am was teaching Kindergarten, pm was calling local places to set up our "Read Around the Town" summer program for K-4. My job can be fun with all the different things I get to do! How many reading teachers can visit a fire station and creamery over the summer?
Tuesday workout-- run. I was thrilled the rain held off, but bummed the wind didn't. My legs are tired after 7.6 miles in 56:45--- 7:29 average pace. For the effort it should have been faster, but the wind really bogged me down.
Tuesday evening-- catching up with work, paying bills, foam rolling and icing, and tv with JAB.

AND the good delivery? Remember those shoes that were sent to me in the wrong size? Good news, my correct size came in!
Of course in the interim I had already bought others, so now I just have my running shoes sitting in the closet for the end of July/ beginning of August. :)

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