Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Remember When?

Next week is Teacher Appreciation week, so the PTA is doing a little something something for all of the faculty! To get ready for this we have to submit some baby photos, so my mom sent me these babies!

Remember when I was the only child and my uncle (photographer) would do photo shoots of me?

Remember when I was the cute little cousin and my other cousins adored me!?

Remember when I loved chips and would bite your head off if you tried to take it from me!? hahaha

I think I will be selecting the first picture to submit for the school to see!

Remember when I said I would do a positive Monday post weekly and already didn't do it?! fail. oops.

So yeah, yesterday, I was positive about some things... it was sunny and made me happy! I was happy to get 80 minutes on the elliptical. I was happy to have a nice chat on the phone with my mom, and I was super pumped for the tv line up last night-- new How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, and Mike and Molly <------we dvr-ed this last one and will be watching it tonight!! Today I was not in as a good of a mood as yesterday--- blame it on the rain. I really just feel like I am in a funk when it's cold, wet, and dreary out, but I tried to think about tomorrow, when the sun will return! I had a fun afternoon today, part of my job is visiting classrooms and this afternoon I was in a PreK room. I really love it there, although at times it makes me wish that I still was a classroom teacher! I was undecided about today's run leaving school. The weather channel said 20% chance of rain in RI and as I was driving home, this seemed to be 100% rain, so I drove to the gym to run. I haven't done this in FOREVER! I used to be able to run on the 'mill all of the time, now that I am used to running outside I really don't like feeling like a rat on that thing! But I did it and feel good about it too!

Ran for an hour, done.

Of course I haven't run inside in a while and I forgot how sweaty I get if I run at the gym. There definitely isn't the good air like I get when I am running outside. Post run I can proudly say I was a sweaty beast. Nothing that a nice shower can't fix!

Now that I am clean it's time to get ready for another day tomorrow-- middle of the week, it's hump day!

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